MeWe Group

In case Facebook deletes the NSBA Members group (it is an "animal" group after all), I have created a MeWe group by the same name, NSBA Members, for the same purposes.

MeWe is a quite a bit different than Facebook, but does provide an alternative means to stay in touch which is not nearly as censored.  The banner image is the same as the Facebook group.


SSL Is Here!

As of sometime early this morning, (September 7, 2019) this site is now secured by SSL encryption.  To the casual user, what changes is you see a locked padlock image on your browser immediately before the URL (, and the site is "https://.." instead of "http://..." but should not notice anything else. 

What this means is that your password is now entered over an encrypted connection, which makes it far less likely to be hacked/sniffed.

2020 Election News

It is getting exciting.  We have people willing to serve in most of the positions for the 2020 Executive and Director positions. 

There is a Facebook group for Members called NSBA Members. If you are a Facebook user and a Member of this Associaiton, you should be on that group as well.