It is getting exciting.  We have people willing to serve in most of the positions for the 2020 Executive and Director positions. 

There is a Facebook group for Members called NSBA Members. If you are a Facebook user and a Member of this Associaiton, you should be on that group as well.

There is another group as well called Saanen Lovers.  This is a group for people who are just interested in the Saanen breed.  Many of the members in the NSBA group are also members there, so if you are interested in making connections it is a great place to start.

A poll on NSBA Members of people willing to serve in the needed Executive and Director positions is available for people there to indicate their willingness to serve in a position.  This poll is unofficial, and is a pre-nomination way for Members to indicate that they will NOT decline a nomination for a particular position. 

Official nominations will be open soon, as the current drive is to gain members to participate in the entire election process.  Once candidates are nominated (and seconded) for the required positions, the elections will proceed.

Getting a sitting Board of Directors and Executives is the next step in revitalizing the Association, and it appears to be moving forward.

2020 will be upon us soon, and things are looking bright for the future of the National Saanen Breeders Association.