May the coming year be full of Saanens.

This year is an election year for NSBA.  It is hard to believe that it is now two years (almost) since the reboot efforts began. 

NSBA is well on the way to re-establishing its 501(c)5 Agricultural Club non profit status.  This is the last hurdle to clear before we can declare the reboot a complete success.

We have picked up a few new members this year, so some growth is in sight.

Please be sure and update your membership for 2021.  It is a bargain at only $15 for an individual, farm or household membership.  There are now more ways to join NSBA than ever, with the addition of a Google form to provide the necessary information to create your membership record.  In the past, renewals have been done with a freshly filled out application in order to ensure all of the information on file is correct.  With the new website and a login, this is no longer absolutely necessary as individual members can log in and update their information themselves.  Just be sure that if you Paypal your 2021 dues that you are fully identified on the Paypal transaction so that your membership can be marked paid for 2021 properly.

The most recent Saanen Specialty show was the 2020 Saanen Specialty October 10, 2020 at the South Central Texas Goat Club show held in Brenham, Texas.  This Saanen Specialty was sponsored by the Texas Saanen Breeders Association, and the results can be found on the TSBA website at