Hello fellow Saanen breeders. My name is Bridget Tucker, President of National Saanen Breeders Association. My family and I raise Saanens in Louisiana under the Chene Blanc herd name. Our daughter Emily has a passion for Saanens and it quickly envolved the whole family showing alongside Emily.

I wanted to run for office to help revive the organization. National Saanen Breeders should be a place for fellow goat breeders to fellowship, network and promote the breed. I am very passionate about involving youth, they are our future. The association has alot of plans to move the club forward but COVID has hindered some plans.

We have been busy getting the club back running; here is an overview of what has been going on: Stuart Perkins has worked hard to get our non profit status reinstated and develops new website for the organization. The NSBA T-shirts we ordered are selling good. If you would like to order one please contact Nathan Miller. This spring we formed a specialty show committee and a youth committee thanks to volunteers helping get the club moving forward. Now we just need some shows to happen.

The newsletter is being started back up thanks to Jake Bradford. The officers and BOD welcome member input and feedback. If anyone has ideas please email us. In closing I just want to thank everyone for pulling together and helping revive National Saanen Breeders.

Thank you, Bridget Tucker