So let me say firstly thank you to all that voted (esp in district 3) in the election!! I'll be honest, i almost forgot to send my ballot in. 😂🤦

Secondly let me say how shocked I was to win!!! As, I'll be honest I voted for Amy, and felt that I would stick through even thinking there was no way she wouldn't win... Well boy was I wrong 💗 thank you for giving me a chance, but I hope we all keep Amy close - as I am sure with her knowledge of past workings of the association she will be a great asset to us all!!

I did not give a proper election introduction, like i said I kind of flew under the radar but still giving District 3 a option if they so choose.

My name is Linda Pennebaker, I have raised goats off and on for nearly 18 years (it seriously doesn't seem that long 😳).

I live in Centeral WV and register goats under the herdname "EarthStone."

I am currently the Vice President of the Central WV Goat Club and have been show secretary for their shows every year we have held them.

In my barn I currently own Saanens and Nigerian Dwarves. I strive to breed hardy, milkable yet correct animals, not there yet but we all have to have goals!!

Saanens have been my passion for 15? 16? Years. I started with Grade Nubian as a 4-H project and its grown from there.

I sold my small herd and didn't have goats for about a year or two.

In 2013 I bought the first does back into the herd, two Saanens from the Cedar Creek Herd and have been working up from there.

I knew as soon as i got the chance to show saanens all those years ago (one of Marilyn Grossman's beauties) that I HAD to have them. My first Saanen was actually from another farm in PA, Caprea Farmstead - I did look them up when I got back into Saanens but unfortunately they were no longer breeding animals.

I show mostly at local shows, but this year will make my 3rd year attending NAILE!

I'm excited to represent District 3 and hope to help revive the association and get it to thrive again!!!

Linda Pennebaker