Hi my name is Karen McKinsey I am running against Carol Mann for District 8 Director. How Crazy is that! Carol will make a fantastic Director. I threw my hat in when an e-mail was sent out that there was no rep for our region. I would like to market myself as a rep for the youth committee. What I noticed at Nationals this year was the discrepancy between the awards for the youth in each of the breeds.
Who am I: 26 yr Navy Nurse Veteran. 4-H leader and dairy goat project leader since 2007. We started with two 4H Quality Saanens and each year we have made improvements. Our herd is Elise Double Eagles Dairy Goats. We participate in LA,DHIR local and National shows. Lastly I am so glad that NSBA is up and running. I am passionate abut our success. BZ Karen