Hello D3 Saanen Enthusiasts!

My name is Amy Keach and our family herd name is Keach Manor. We participate in DHIA, Linear Appraisal, and show at both the local and national level. We were thrilled last year to bring home the win for Junior National Champion with Keach Manor EV Liberty.

Most importantly, I bring to the table my experience with the National Saanen Breeders Association. I have served as President, Vice President, and have been committee chair for most of the NSBA committees at one time or another.

While we attempt to bring NSBA back to life, I offer the experience of knowing the association rules and how it has functioned in the past. To know our future, we need to understand our past – what worked, what didn’t work. I offer my time and experience to help get NSBA back on top as the best breed association in this country.

I would appreciate your vote and your support!

Thank you,