Hello Everyone, my name is Mellissa Saylor. I am running for District IV Director. I am a registered veterinary technician in Ohio. With the help of my husband Henry, brother-in-law Earl, and our 5 kids we have a 7.5 acre farm where we raise Saanen, Oberhasli, Lamancha, Experimental, and soon Sable dairy goats. We are under the herd name Echo-Run and have been raising goats since Henry and I married in 2012. Before the goats I was in 4-h with my quarter horse, Charlie, who is now retired.

I am currently the President of the Mid-Ohio Dairy Goat Association, Futurity Committee Chair, on the Social Media, and Promotions Committee's for the Ohio Dairy Goat Association. Since becoming President of Modga we as a club have turned the association around and have made enough money to be able to go from a 2 ring to a 3 ring show with showmanship and over 300 goats in attendance. We also hope to someday host a pre-tc in our state.

I love my Saanens. They are beautiful gentle giants with sweet and loveable personalities. My girl Mica, give me hugs and kisses every time I go into the barn. She loves being around me whenever she can.

The Saanen as a breed needs promoted as they are so special and should be utilized and given their just dues. They are so gentle and easy to handle that my 2 yr old can lead most of our Saanens. So for me promotion and expanding the influence of this breed needs to be on our list of priorities for our association.

If you have any ideas for our association please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk about our beloved breed.