I am running for District V director. Our dairy goat background started with 4H when my youngest daughter was about 12, just about 6 years ago. However we have had pygmy's for much longer as pets. I never knew I would love dairy goats so much until my daughter wanted to get into showing and raising them with 4H/FFA. We immersed ourselves into dairy goats and learned all we could and still learn daily. Now my daughter is gone off to college and me and my wife Jenny are running the farm. We keep a small herd of usually less than twenty, mostly alpines at this point, however we purchased our first saanen this past spring and are so looking forward to creating a saanen herd as well. We have admired the saanens for years however it was not our daughters intention to breed them as saanen and nubians were her favorites. Now that we run the herd we have added a single saanen doe and I'm sure soon some will follow. 

My wife and I run two businesses (one a computer management firm and the other and online sales biz) and have done for about 13 years. They have both been successful thus far and are growing. We know the ins and outs of how businesses and organizations should be run. I am the former president of the Mississippi Goat Association (MGA) for two consecutive years in which time I brought the MGA into technology such as facebook and a website. The two most important accomplishments of my tenure was one to nearly double the membership and also nearly doubled the number of goats in the shows the MGA put on. 

In May 2018 a small group of dairy goat owners wanted to create a club that was dairy goat exclusive in the south, unlike the MGA as it encompasses all goats. So we created the Southern Browsers (A deep south dairy goat club). I was one of the founders. I was elected president to that group and currently in my second year as president. In just over 12 months we went from no money to more than enough money in the bank to do as we need to continue our group. We have put on several successful clinics and two shows. Our first show was a two ring show with about 160 animals, our second was a four ring and we had over 350. 

My goal with any organization I am a part of is to "Leave it better than I found it". I left the MGA better than I found it and before I leave as president of the Southern Browsers it will be setup to continue to grow and prosper. The first goal of any club or organiztion is to operate together and in harmony with one another, otherwise it creates chaos and the club will not prosper. It takes effective leadership in order to maintain that harmony. The NSBA, yes is new to me, however I understand the importance of the need for checks and balances in all that we need for effective leadership in all aspects of the club and that is what directors do. I chose to run for District V director as I can provide the necessary opinions and guidance from my previous experiences to assist the saanen breed and the NSBA flourish. 

I can be a bit long winded so I'll shut up now and just ask for your vote for district V director. 😃