Since I'm unopposed for Treasurer, I am the presumptive winner.

Nevertheless, y'all ought to know something about me. 

I'm a computer person by trade, working with business and accounting software for over three decades. Keeping records and books is second nature to me. I run a network at my home which has more than a dozen "logical" computers, and I am currently donating web development and hosting services to the NSBA. Most of what I do I isolate into a single "logical" computer known as a "Virtual Machine"...basically a program that thinks it is a whole computer with its own operating system, logical disk drives and so forth. I've been doing such for nearly 20 years.

I've been raising goats as a hobby/intended retirement for a few years now...not sure even how many. I live on my farm, which is only about 3 acres of Kansas property carved off of an 80 acre plot originally purchased by my wife's grandmother in 1948 as an expansion of their original farm bought in 1942 when they left the dusty conditions of western Kansas. Since this is a small property, we were only interested in smaller livestock. 

We maintain a small herd, focusing on breeding and improvement of the Saanen breed and increasing awareness and importance of dairy goats in general.

Edit. My wife suggested I say something about trustworthiness. I work contract through my wife's corporation and every time I pick up a new client I go through a background check. Clients have included the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas which was actually an FBI background check. I understand the necessity for accuracy and privacy when it comes to handling other people's personal information and financial data.

Edit 2: Upon reading the above, it looks I only have 20 years of computer business systems experience.  The 20 years is my experience with "virtualization".  Computer business systems experience is more like 35 years.