Okay. I’ll start. I longed for goats for almost two years before I got them. I studied everything I could online about their care for 18 months before I finally picked up a beautiful pair of twin doelings -almost 6 years ago. Like most things that I do, I jumped right in - I even spent a week at Suzanne Gasparotto’s “Goat Camp” to learn a few extra skills. I started showing shortly afterward and I make 3-4 shows a year. I linear appraise and though I have done DHI, it doesn’t work with my work schedule as a Nurse Anesthetist. I regularly attend AI clinics (that skill is TRULY a skill!). I’m also a member (VP) of the DGOAT Club. As for leadership, I am the person (or another CRNA just like me) at the head of your bed when you have a surgery. I manage the patient while the surgeon works. I’m also the oldest child in my family, so I routinely boss my younger siblings around! And I’m a big nerd! (Any other questions for me?)😂

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I breed 2 Swiss breeds - Saanens and Toggs! I love my big, beautiful girls! Right now, my big stinky guys - not so much!😂

2nd EDIT: I’m running for District 6 Director.