Dear Members,

I have decided to run for District 5 Director and/or Vice-President to serve Saanens and those who love them as much as I do.

I started in goats with Nigerians but quickly moved on to Saanens when I accidentally stumbled across one for sale almost 10 years ago when a Boer herd was using Snowy, (my first Saanen) for a kid surrogate, (wet nurse). I now have a mixed herd of around 20 Recorded Grade, American and Purebred Saanens.

Love for animals has been with me since before birth as I come from several generations of farmers. My grandparents escaped the dust bowl by moving from western Kansas to southeast Kansas in 1942 and started a new life by buying 160 acres and a handful of dairy cows to raise their family.

Growing up on a successful farm, my parents instilled, in me, principles of determination, dedication, and hard work, as they knew that you never got anywhere by being lazy. Alongside my responsibilities on the farm I was also my local 4-H club's Vice President until the age of 19.

After my parents died, I moved back to my grandparent's farm and picked up the dairy passion (but goats) to carry on my family's farming tradition.

Now I have my own farm with a supportive husband with whom we also run our own computer consulting firm for which I am the CEO; We share the vision to promote the Saanen breed in this generation and the generations to come.

With my big picture creativity and attention to detail, I believe there is no obstacle that can't be overcome. I would love to serve this club to the best of my ability for the next two years.

Thank you,

Christy Perkins (AKA Lois Nisbeth)