NSBA Members,

I have decided to run for President. I would like to help promoted the Saanen breed and do what's best for the breed. I would also like to start getting more youth involved as well.

A little background about me... 
Some of you may know my late parents, Dan & Sue Loftus.
Very active in the NSBA, my dad was the D5 director and my mom was on a bunch of the committees as myself was a member and I did the All American.
I have been around dairy goats for almost 38 years, my family started with Toggenburgs and Saanen's from South 40. Born and raised in Nebraska and still reside here.
I have been a member since 2002 with ADGA, When I added Alpines to my Saanen herd. My parents and I have traveled all over to open shows and many national shows.
I was and still am very involved in 4-H in my county as well as other counties close to me. I am proud to say I have grown our dairy goat numbers this year to 35 compared to last year we had aprox 12-15. I am very passionate about the dairy goats in my area and would like to expand that.
I have helped my parents organize several ADGA shows in our area from 1 ring shows to 2 rings shows, 1 day shows and 2 day shows.
My dad passed away about 6 years ago, my mom and I did cut back and we cut back on shows as well. Thankfully my now 9 year old daughter, has a passion for the dairy goats just as I do. She has been showing in open shows helping others and showing in 4-H for the past 5 years. 
My mom passed away 2 years ago and currently my daughter and I now have what was left of my parents Saanen herd. 
My daughter and I are looking forward to going to more shows next year and growing our little Saanen herd. Thankfully we share the same passion.

With my background growing up, showing dairy goats and meeting a lot of wonderful people. I believe I will lead this association with pride and do what's best for this breed. 
I hope you consider me as your President of the NSBA.

Thank you,
Teri Loftus