Saanen Specialty Show Results, 4/24/22 Hattiesburg

Results submitted by Jessica Bane

Senior Doe Grand Champion & Best of Breed - Chene Blanc NSL Kaitlyn
Owner - Emily Tucker


Senior Doe Reserve Grand Champion - Lady-K AFJ Jibber Jabber
Owner - Karen Smith


Junior Doe Grand Champion - Halfpint's Hill DCN Abigail
Owner - Nicole Atkins


Junior Doe Reserve Grand Champion - Kickadee Hill AA OH Gretchen
Owner - Nicole Atkins


Specialty Shows, 2022

Saanen Specialty Shows for 2022 are:


Dates Sponsor Sanctions Group Classes Location Judge Chair Secretary District  
4/9 East Texas Goat Raisers Assoc. Junior Doe
Senior Doe
Doe Champion Challenge
Buck Champion Challenge

Junior get of sire
senior get of sire
Produce of dam
Breeders trio
Best 3 junior does
Dairy herd
Dam and Daughter
Best three senior does

Corsicana Elizabeth Henning Gwen Vandermartin Andrea Thompson 6  
4/24 Southern Browsers Combined Jr/Sr Doe
Junior Doe
Doe Champion Challenge
Dam and Daughter
Produce of Dam
Best 3 Junior Does
Best 3 Senior Does
Dairy Herd
Hattiesburg, MS Bob Bartholemew Jessica Bane TBD 5  
4/29-5/1 Arkansas Goat Producers Association Junior Doe
Senior Doe
Doe Champion Challenge
Buck Champion Challenge
Junior Get of Sire
Senior Get of Sire
Dam and Daughter
Produce of Dam
Best 3 Junior Does
Best 3 Senior Does
Dairy Herd
Sire and Son
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR
TBD Katie Rose Finefield Sarah Foote 5  
5/28 D 9/3 B Boons Companions Junior Doe
Senior Doe
Doe Champion Challenge
Buck Champion Challenge
Junior Get of Sire
Senior Get of Sire
Dam and Daughter
Produce of Dam
Best 3 Senior Does
Dairy Herd
Sire and Son
Missouri State Fairgrounds Travis Cockburn Robin Nichols
Laura Warren-Hughes
TBA 5  
6/11,12 Indiana Dairy Goat Assoc. Junior Doe
Senior Doe
Doe Champion Challenge
Junior Get of Sire
Senior Get of Sire
Best 3 Junior Does
Best 3 Senior Does
Dairy Herd
Hendricks Co Fairgrounds
1900 E main St.
Danville, IN 46122
Ed Cavanaugh David Ingle Shelly Young 4  
7/17 NENDA Sunnysisters Combined Jr/Sr Does
Junior Doe
Champion Challenge Doe
Junior Get of Sire
Senior Get of Sire
Dam and Daughter
Produce of Dam
Best 3 Junior Does
Best 3 Senior Does
Breeders Trio
Dairy Herd
Lancaster MA Scott Bice Lorene Toth TBD 1    
9/8,9 Washington State Fair Combined Jr/Sr Doe
Junior Doe
Senior Doe
Junior Get of Sire
Senior Get of Sire
Dam and Daughter
Produce of Dam
Best 3 Junior Does
Best 3 Senior Does
Dairy Herd
Best Udder
Washington State Fair Events Center
110 9th Ave SW
Puyallup, WA 98371
Karen Smith Ashlee Tarbox Kristin Forcier 7  


Club Bank Account Progress

Now that I have the IRS reinstatement letter concerning the 501(c)5 status, I am in the process of putting together the necessary pieces to get a bank account going with the EIN of the club.  This is what I consider the final piece of the reboot.  - Stuart Perkins, Treasurer

Happy New Year! - by Stuart Perkins

May the coming year be full of Saanens.

This year is an election year for NSBA.  It is hard to believe that it is now two years (almost) since the reboot efforts began. 

NSBA is well on the way to re-establishing its 501(c)5 Agricultural Club non profit status.  This is the last hurdle to clear before we can declare the reboot a complete success.

We have picked up a few new members this year, so some growth is in sight.

Please be sure and update your membership for 2021.  It is a bargain at only $15 for an individual, farm or household membership.  There are now more ways to join NSBA than ever, with the addition of a Google form to provide the necessary information to create your membership record.  In the past, renewals have been done with a freshly filled out application in order to ensure all of the information on file is correct.  With the new website and a login, this is no longer absolutely necessary as individual members can log in and update their information themselves.  Just be sure that if you Paypal your 2021 dues that you are fully identified on the Paypal transaction so that your membership can be marked paid for 2021 properly.

The most recent Saanen Specialty show was the 2020 Saanen Specialty October 10, 2020 at the South Central Texas Goat Club show held in Brenham, Texas.  This Saanen Specialty was sponsored by the Texas Saanen Breeders Association, and the results can be found on the TSBA website at


Message From The President

Hello fellow Saanen breeders. My name is Bridget Tucker, President of National Saanen Breeders Association. My family and I raise Saanens in Louisiana under the Chene Blanc herd name. Our daughter Emily has a passion for Saanens and it quickly envolved the whole family showing alongside Emily.

I wanted to run for office to help revive the organization. National Saanen Breeders should be a place for fellow goat breeders to fellowship, network and promote the breed. I am very passionate about involving youth, they are our future. The association has alot of plans to move the club forward but COVID has hindered some plans.

We have been busy getting the club back running; here is an overview of what has been going on: Stuart Perkins has worked hard to get our non profit status reinstated and develops new website for the organization. The NSBA T-shirts we ordered are selling good. If you would like to order one please contact Nathan Miller. This spring we formed a specialty show committee and a youth committee thanks to volunteers helping get the club moving forward. Now we just need some shows to happen.

The newsletter is being started back up thanks to Jake Bradford. The officers and BOD welcome member input and feedback. If anyone has ideas please email us. In closing I just want to thank everyone for pulling together and helping revive National Saanen Breeders.

Thank you, Bridget Tucker


Received the papers from the accountant.  Signed the form and have it ready to mail to the IRS with the "fee" for letting it lapse...twice.  Once we receive the "Letter 949" acknowledging 501(c)5 status, we will be fully operational again.

Linda Pennebaker, In Her Own Words

So let me say firstly thank you to all that voted (esp in district 3) in the election!! I'll be honest, i almost forgot to send my ballot in. 😂🤦

Secondly let me say how shocked I was to win!!! As, I'll be honest I voted for Amy, and felt that I would stick through even thinking there was no way she wouldn't win... Well boy was I wrong 💗 thank you for giving me a chance, but I hope we all keep Amy close - as I am sure with her knowledge of past workings of the association she will be a great asset to us all!!

I did not give a proper election introduction, like i said I kind of flew under the radar but still giving District 3 a option if they so choose.

My name is Linda Pennebaker, I have raised goats off and on for nearly 18 years (it seriously doesn't seem that long 😳).

I live in Centeral WV and register goats under the herdname "EarthStone."

I am currently the Vice President of the Central WV Goat Club and have been show secretary for their shows every year we have held them.

In my barn I currently own Saanens and Nigerian Dwarves. I strive to breed hardy, milkable yet correct animals, not there yet but we all have to have goals!!

Saanens have been my passion for 15? 16? Years. I started with Grade Nubian as a 4-H project and its grown from there.

I sold my small herd and didn't have goats for about a year or two.

In 2013 I bought the first does back into the herd, two Saanens from the Cedar Creek Herd and have been working up from there.

I knew as soon as i got the chance to show saanens all those years ago (one of Marilyn Grossman's beauties) that I HAD to have them. My first Saanen was actually from another farm in PA, Caprea Farmstead - I did look them up when I got back into Saanens but unfortunately they were no longer breeding animals.

I show mostly at local shows, but this year will make my 3rd year attending NAILE!

I'm excited to represent District 3 and hope to help revive the association and get it to thrive again!!!

Linda Pennebaker

Evan Kivlen, In His Own Words

I am running unopposed for District 2 Director.

My girlfriend Carrie and I have bred and shown for the last five years under the Willow Manor Farm herd name. Recently, the Welbian Farm herd(Saanens included), is also under our barn roof. Our herd consists of Saanens and Toggenburgs. We participate in and feel strongly about linear appraisal and have plans to begin with the many other plus programs that are available.

Outside of goats, I work for Sysco Foods in the Albany area. As the Director of Warehouse, I am responsible for the safety, quality, and effective distribution of food and food service products throughout the northeast. I have myriad leadership experience and humbly wish to be able to help jumpstart this valuable organization to a new level of great.

Camille O'Connor, In Her Own Words

Hello - My name is Camille O'Connor and I am running for Director for District 7. (Whey-to-Go Saanens and also known as The Copper Penny Ranch). We have been breeding Saanens for a little over 15 years. We are passionate about goats, especially Saanens, and participate in the ADGA programs such as Linear Appraisal, DHIA (Top Ten does, even ;) ), and we also show our goats. We enjoy talking all things goat and are so happy to see the reemergence of the NSBA. Promoting our Saanens by promoting and supporting one another is the name of the game!

Karen Kckinsey, In Her Own Words

Hi my name is Karen McKinsey I am running against Carol Mann for District 8 Director. How Crazy is that! Carol will make a fantastic Director. I threw my hat in when an e-mail was sent out that there was no rep for our region. I would like to market myself as a rep for the youth committee. What I noticed at Nationals this year was the discrepancy between the awards for the youth in each of the breeds.
Who am I: 26 yr Navy Nurse Veteran. 4-H leader and dairy goat project leader since 2007. We started with two 4H Quality Saanens and each year we have made improvements. Our herd is Elise Double Eagles Dairy Goats. We participate in LA,DHIR local and National shows. Lastly I am so glad that NSBA is up and running. I am passionate abut our success. BZ Karen

Carol Mann, In Her Own Words

Hi, I'm running for the position of District VIII Director. I have enjoyed raising Saanens for 27ish years. The herd has been enrolled in ADGA programs (LA, DHIR) for many years and shown locally as well at National shows. I would like the opportunity to participate in the 'rebooting' of our NSBA. Thank you for considering me to represent your ideas and concerns with this exciting venture

Grace Toy, In Her Own Words

Phew! We are finally home from our "state fair" and I found a minute to introduce myself!

My name is Grace Toy and am excited to be running for NSBA secretary. I am from Connecticut and raise a herd of Nubian, Saanen and LaMancha dairy goats, as well as Britannia Petite and Himalayan rabbits under the herd name Hops N Lops.

Our goat project began in 2009 when a friend was looking for a companion for her lone pet wether she had purchase. So, we joined 4-H and purchased a Nubian kid from a fellow youth's herd and caught the bug! Saanens followed a few years later when I fell in love with these gentle giants, and our LaMancha joined the herd in 2018 as a small side project - though she has earned a fan club of her own!

Since then our herd has grown and improved drastically to about 30-50 head at any given time but maintained a herd of only about 10-15 until 2018 after we moved to our new property. We show throughout the northeast and at the ADGA National Show or district specialties whenever possible. We have participated in linear appraisal since 2014, and have been on standard milk test since 2017. We are also very active in DNA, Casein and G-6-S typing our herd. We've been proud to have had animals in our herd that have won ADGA National Show production awards, classes, become breed leaders and several excellent appraised animals.

Besides our own herd, my goats have taken me throughout the country on judging assignments since 2016. I am also a co-leader of a club a friend and I founded in 2016 called "The Udder 4-H Club." Our members do everything from showing nationally, to making goat milk products, raising fiber goat or even packing and carting. One of our members was the 2019 ADGA Alternate Youth Representative. I really enjoy working with youth both in our club and throughout New England, and helping their improve their own goat projects and personal growth.

Besides goats, I do work off farm and am a student. I am also a registrar for the American Rabbit Breeders Association, which is the first step to becoming a judge which I hope to pursue in the future.

I have been a member of the NSBA for several years and am active in our programs such as All American. I hope to give back to the club and help promote our beautiful breed that we all adore. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I hope to cross paths with each of you in the future!

Grace Toy

Candidate for Secretary

Amelia Aznive, In Her Own Words

I’m running for the District 1 Director position. I got started with Saanens 6 years ago and have wanted to become more involved with the breed and help grow its popularity. 

A little about me is not only do I raise and show saanens but I’m also a lumberjack sport competitor. I work as a Veterinary Technician doing livestock regulatory work primarily. 

If anyone has any questions for me or if I missed something please reach out and ask! 

Thank you!

Amy Keach, In Her Own Words

Hello D3 Saanen Enthusiasts!

My name is Amy Keach and our family herd name is Keach Manor. We participate in DHIA, Linear Appraisal, and show at both the local and national level. We were thrilled last year to bring home the win for Junior National Champion with Keach Manor EV Liberty.

Most importantly, I bring to the table my experience with the National Saanen Breeders Association. I have served as President, Vice President, and have been committee chair for most of the NSBA committees at one time or another.

While we attempt to bring NSBA back to life, I offer the experience of knowing the association rules and how it has functioned in the past. To know our future, we need to understand our past – what worked, what didn’t work. I offer my time and experience to help get NSBA back on top as the best breed association in this country.

I would appreciate your vote and your support!

Thank you,


Melissa Saylor, In Her Own Words

Hello Everyone, my name is Mellissa Saylor. I am running for District IV Director. I am a registered veterinary technician in Ohio. With the help of my husband Henry, brother-in-law Earl, and our 5 kids we have a 7.5 acre farm where we raise Saanen, Oberhasli, Lamancha, Experimental, and soon Sable dairy goats. We are under the herd name Echo-Run and have been raising goats since Henry and I married in 2012. Before the goats I was in 4-h with my quarter horse, Charlie, who is now retired.

I am currently the President of the Mid-Ohio Dairy Goat Association, Futurity Committee Chair, on the Social Media, and Promotions Committee's for the Ohio Dairy Goat Association. Since becoming President of Modga we as a club have turned the association around and have made enough money to be able to go from a 2 ring to a 3 ring show with showmanship and over 300 goats in attendance. We also hope to someday host a pre-tc in our state.

I love my Saanens. They are beautiful gentle giants with sweet and loveable personalities. My girl Mica, give me hugs and kisses every time I go into the barn. She loves being around me whenever she can.

The Saanen as a breed needs promoted as they are so special and should be utilized and given their just dues. They are so gentle and easy to handle that my 2 yr old can lead most of our Saanens. So for me promotion and expanding the influence of this breed needs to be on our list of priorities for our association.

If you have any ideas for our association please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk about our beloved breed.

Jason Porter, In His Own Words

I am running for District V director. Our dairy goat background started with 4H when my youngest daughter was about 12, just about 6 years ago. However we have had pygmy's for much longer as pets. I never knew I would love dairy goats so much until my daughter wanted to get into showing and raising them with 4H/FFA. We immersed ourselves into dairy goats and learned all we could and still learn daily. Now my daughter is gone off to college and me and my wife Jenny are running the farm. We keep a small herd of usually less than twenty, mostly alpines at this point, however we purchased our first saanen this past spring and are so looking forward to creating a saanen herd as well. We have admired the saanens for years however it was not our daughters intention to breed them as saanen and nubians were her favorites. Now that we run the herd we have added a single saanen doe and I'm sure soon some will follow. 

My wife and I run two businesses (one a computer management firm and the other and online sales biz) and have done for about 13 years. They have both been successful thus far and are growing. We know the ins and outs of how businesses and organizations should be run. I am the former president of the Mississippi Goat Association (MGA) for two consecutive years in which time I brought the MGA into technology such as facebook and a website. The two most important accomplishments of my tenure was one to nearly double the membership and also nearly doubled the number of goats in the shows the MGA put on. 

In May 2018 a small group of dairy goat owners wanted to create a club that was dairy goat exclusive in the south, unlike the MGA as it encompasses all goats. So we created the Southern Browsers (A deep south dairy goat club). I was one of the founders. I was elected president to that group and currently in my second year as president. In just over 12 months we went from no money to more than enough money in the bank to do as we need to continue our group. We have put on several successful clinics and two shows. Our first show was a two ring show with about 160 animals, our second was a four ring and we had over 350. 

My goal with any organization I am a part of is to "Leave it better than I found it". I left the MGA better than I found it and before I leave as president of the Southern Browsers it will be setup to continue to grow and prosper. The first goal of any club or organiztion is to operate together and in harmony with one another, otherwise it creates chaos and the club will not prosper. It takes effective leadership in order to maintain that harmony. The NSBA, yes is new to me, however I understand the importance of the need for checks and balances in all that we need for effective leadership in all aspects of the club and that is what directors do. I chose to run for District V director as I can provide the necessary opinions and guidance from my previous experiences to assist the saanen breed and the NSBA flourish. 

I can be a bit long winded so I'll shut up now and just ask for your vote for district V director. 😃

Nathan Miller, In His Own Words

My name is Nathan Miller and I am running for District 5 Director or VP. 
I am under my wife Erin’s FB page as we share it together. 
We currently own and manage Circle M Farms & Southern Maids Dairy in Franklinton, LA, as well as a successful trucking company and my wife is a full time mom and compliance officer for a local bank. 
I got into goats in 2014 as an anniversary gift for my wife. We started out small with only 4 does and a buck (Nubians). I absolutely fell in love with goats then and we now have almost 100 animals (Nubians & Saanens)🤣. Several years ago as we discussed the dairy option we branched out and started researching PB Saanens and through some wonderful mentors, added some beautiful PB Saanens into our herd. 
We are proud ADGA Plus members who participate in LA and Dhir. We currently own and manage one of, if not the largest goat dairy in Louisiana. We do show a little and I am also a Class of 2019 Master Goat Producer in our state. 
I believe my leadership and management skills will help our District and the NSBA. 
Nathan Miller

Stuart Perkins, In His Own Words

Since I'm unopposed for Treasurer, I am the presumptive winner.

Nevertheless, y'all ought to know something about me. 

I'm a computer person by trade, working with business and accounting software for over three decades. Keeping records and books is second nature to me. I run a network at my home which has more than a dozen "logical" computers, and I am currently donating web development and hosting services to the NSBA. Most of what I do I isolate into a single "logical" computer known as a "Virtual Machine"...basically a program that thinks it is a whole computer with its own operating system, logical disk drives and so forth. I've been doing such for nearly 20 years.

I've been raising goats as a hobby/intended retirement for a few years now...not sure even how many. I live on my farm, which is only about 3 acres of Kansas property carved off of an 80 acre plot originally purchased by my wife's grandmother in 1948 as an expansion of their original farm bought in 1942 when they left the dusty conditions of western Kansas. Since this is a small property, we were only interested in smaller livestock. 

We maintain a small herd, focusing on breeding and improvement of the Saanen breed and increasing awareness and importance of dairy goats in general.

Edit. My wife suggested I say something about trustworthiness. I work contract through my wife's corporation and every time I pick up a new client I go through a background check. Clients have included the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas which was actually an FBI background check. I understand the necessity for accuracy and privacy when it comes to handling other people's personal information and financial data.

Edit 2: Upon reading the above, it looks I only have 20 years of computer business systems experience.  The 20 years is my experience with "virtualization".  Computer business systems experience is more like 35 years.

Susan Crenshaw, In Her Own Words

Okay. I’ll start. I longed for goats for almost two years before I got them. I studied everything I could online about their care for 18 months before I finally picked up a beautiful pair of twin doelings -almost 6 years ago. Like most things that I do, I jumped right in - I even spent a week at Suzanne Gasparotto’s “Goat Camp” to learn a few extra skills. I started showing shortly afterward and I make 3-4 shows a year. I linear appraise and though I have done DHI, it doesn’t work with my work schedule as a Nurse Anesthetist. I regularly attend AI clinics (that skill is TRULY a skill!). I’m also a member (VP) of the DGOAT Club. As for leadership, I am the person (or another CRNA just like me) at the head of your bed when you have a surgery. I manage the patient while the surgeon works. I’m also the oldest child in my family, so I routinely boss my younger siblings around! And I’m a big nerd! (Any other questions for me?)😂

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I breed 2 Swiss breeds - Saanens and Toggs! I love my big, beautiful girls! Right now, my big stinky guys - not so much!😂

2nd EDIT: I’m running for District 6 Director.

Christy Perkins, In Her Own Words

Dear Members,

I have decided to run for District 5 Director and/or Vice-President to serve Saanens and those who love them as much as I do.

I started in goats with Nigerians but quickly moved on to Saanens when I accidentally stumbled across one for sale almost 10 years ago when a Boer herd was using Snowy, (my first Saanen) for a kid surrogate, (wet nurse). I now have a mixed herd of around 20 Recorded Grade, American and Purebred Saanens.

Love for animals has been with me since before birth as I come from several generations of farmers. My grandparents escaped the dust bowl by moving from western Kansas to southeast Kansas in 1942 and started a new life by buying 160 acres and a handful of dairy cows to raise their family.

Growing up on a successful farm, my parents instilled, in me, principles of determination, dedication, and hard work, as they knew that you never got anywhere by being lazy. Alongside my responsibilities on the farm I was also my local 4-H club's Vice President until the age of 19.

After my parents died, I moved back to my grandparent's farm and picked up the dairy passion (but goats) to carry on my family's farming tradition.

Now I have my own farm with a supportive husband with whom we also run our own computer consulting firm for which I am the CEO; We share the vision to promote the Saanen breed in this generation and the generations to come.

With my big picture creativity and attention to detail, I believe there is no obstacle that can't be overcome. I would love to serve this club to the best of my ability for the next two years.

Thank you,

Christy Perkins (AKA Lois Nisbeth)

Teri Loftus, In Her Own Words

NSBA Members,

I have decided to run for President. I would like to help promoted the Saanen breed and do what's best for the breed. I would also like to start getting more youth involved as well.

A little background about me... 
Some of you may know my late parents, Dan & Sue Loftus.
Very active in the NSBA, my dad was the D5 director and my mom was on a bunch of the committees as myself was a member and I did the All American.
I have been around dairy goats for almost 38 years, my family started with Toggenburgs and Saanen's from South 40. Born and raised in Nebraska and still reside here.
I have been a member since 2002 with ADGA, When I added Alpines to my Saanen herd. My parents and I have traveled all over to open shows and many national shows.
I was and still am very involved in 4-H in my county as well as other counties close to me. I am proud to say I have grown our dairy goat numbers this year to 35 compared to last year we had aprox 12-15. I am very passionate about the dairy goats in my area and would like to expand that.
I have helped my parents organize several ADGA shows in our area from 1 ring shows to 2 rings shows, 1 day shows and 2 day shows.
My dad passed away about 6 years ago, my mom and I did cut back and we cut back on shows as well. Thankfully my now 9 year old daughter, has a passion for the dairy goats just as I do. She has been showing in open shows helping others and showing in 4-H for the past 5 years. 
My mom passed away 2 years ago and currently my daughter and I now have what was left of my parents Saanen herd. 
My daughter and I are looking forward to going to more shows next year and growing our little Saanen herd. Thankfully we share the same passion.

With my background growing up, showing dairy goats and meeting a lot of wonderful people. I believe I will lead this association with pride and do what's best for this breed. 
I hope you consider me as your President of the NSBA.

Thank you,
Teri Loftus

Bridget Tucker, In Her Own Words

Good evening NSBA members,

My name is Bridget Tucker and I have decided to run for President. I wanted to introduce myself and tell a little bit about me and my family. I am married to David Tucker and we have two kids; Emily and Kaden. We are members of ADGA, Delta Dairy Goat Association and Southern Browsers. I served as director for Southern Browsers until this year when my husband was elected Vice President. Our family raises Saanens and Alpines in South Louisiana. I work for Blue Cross, homeschool our son and tend to the farm. Saanens have been a favorite since I showed them when I was a 4Her. When our daughter Emily wanted to start showing we knew just the breed for her. Since then Emily has built up her herd under the Chene Blanc Farm name. With the help and encouragement of great mentors we started showing ADGA, particate in LA each year and attend nationals. I want to be involved promoting Saanens because I see everyday my daughter's passion for goats. The same passion that led me to attend college for Dairy Science. Raising goats has put her on a path to her future. I think all kids should have the opportunity our kids have and we should do all we can to support them.
Emily and I love telling people about Saanens, once people interact with a Saanen it is easy to see why we love them so much.

Thank you for your time and consideration for NSBA President. I would love the opportunity to serve this club.

Thank you, 
Bridget Tucker

Nominations are Closing

Nominations are closing as of the morning of Wednesday, September 25th, 2019.  

Sometime Wednesday, ballots will be mailed to all members currently eligible to vote.

Ballots will include a pre-addressed envelope to send them to the elections chair for tabulation.

Ballots will be customized to the member's district and only show their district for the Director vote.

Once results are tabulated, they will be posted here and on the FB group.

Nominations Are Open

We have opened the nominations for Officers and Directors for the upcoming elections over on the NSBA Members Facebook group.  Once a person receives a second vote on this poll, they are "seconded" and will appear on the official ballot.

MeWe Group

NSBA Banner

In case Facebook deletes the NSBA Members group (it is an "animal" group after all), I have created a MeWe group by the same name, NSBA Members, for the same purposes.

MeWe is a quite a bit different than Facebook, but does provide an alternative means to stay in touch which is not nearly as censored.  The banner image is the same as the Facebook group.


SSL Is Here!

As of sometime early this morning, (September 7, 2019) this site is now secured by SSL encryption.  To the casual user, what changes is you see a locked padlock image on your browser immediately before the URL (, and the site is "https://.." instead of "http://..." but should not notice anything else. 

What this means is that your password is now entered over an encrypted connection, which makes it far less likely to be hacked/sniffed.

What this also means is that you can be confident that the site you are on IS indeed the "real" site. 

What this also means is that your information stored here such as name and address, e-mail address and phone number is not visible to anybody who doesn't need it.  Even legitimate logged in members only see your Name, State, Farm Name and a Contact link on the Members tab.  The "Contact" link will allow them to send you an e-mail at the address with which you signed up.  Phone numbers aren't even made available to other Members via this site.

What this also means is that development of payment capabilities is secure so that when you make a purchase of dues or fund raiser items here your credit/debit card information is secure.  This was a necessary background step in order to prepare the way for such development of this site.

2020 Election News

It is getting exciting.  We have people willing to serve in most of the positions for the 2020 Executive and Director positions. 

There is a Facebook group for Members called NSBA Members. If you are a Facebook user and a Member of this Associaiton, you should be on that group as well.

There is another group as well called Saanen Lovers.  This is a group for people who are just interested in the Saanen breed.  Many of the members in the NSBA group are also members there, so if you are interested in making connections it is a great place to start.

A poll on NSBA Members of people willing to serve in the needed Executive and Director positions is available for people there to indicate their willingness to serve in a position.  This poll is unofficial, and is a pre-nomination way for Members to indicate that they will NOT decline a nomination for a particular position. 

Official nominations will be open soon, as the current drive is to gain members to participate in the entire election process.  Once candidates are nominated (and seconded) for the required positions, the elections will proceed.

Getting a sitting Board of Directors and Executives is the next step in revitalizing the Association, and it appears to be moving forward.

2020 will be upon us soon, and things are looking bright for the future of the National Saanen Breeders Association.