Saanen Specialty Show Application

Updated for 2022 and beyond, here is the Saanen Specialty Show Application for NSBA

2022saanenspecialtyshow.pdf (30.67 KB)
Membership Application

To join the NSBA...


Google Form


1. Download the membership application here.

    Print it out.
    Fill it in.
    Mail it with a check for $15 made out to "NSBA" ("NSBA" only as the "Pay to the order of:") to:
         c/o Stuart Perkins
         PO Box 311
         Asbury, MO 64832

- or -

2. Make a PayPal payment of $15 to "". 
    Please include the following as a note with such payment.
    Also, please pay "Trusted person", "Someone you know" or whatever PayPal is calling it these days, as "Purchases" incur a fee, and we're sure you want the entirety of the dues to go to the Association.

Primary Name:
Additional Names: (to be considered part of the membership, such as spouse, partner, children, farm help. Membership is ONE membership for a family/household/farm.)
E-mail to use for account: (if different than PayPal email)
Farm Name:
Phone Number:
Web Site Address: (If your farm has a web page)

3. Purchase a membership on the Square store, linked on this site under "Store".


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