Square Store Online

As of this morning (February 15th, 2020) around 2 a.m., the National Saanen Breeders Association Square store went online.  Menu item "Store" links to it.

Available on this site will be a purchase of current year membership for those who are not already paid and any merchandise NSBA is offering.  Plans currently are for NSBA branded tee shirts.  These are likely to be Gildan shirts for their quality and length.  They will be offered in sizes ranging from Youth Small to Adult 3XL.  A small NSBA logo will be printed on the left breast with a large NSBA logo centered on the back.  Colors offered will be Purple, Lavender and White.

Inventory quantities of these shirts are zero until the order is completed.  Inventory levels will be updated on the Square store once received.  Shipping details have not been completely ironed out yet.  Some of these shirts will be offered at sanctioned shows where NSBA has a presence as well as online.

Profits from the sale of these shirts will go in the general fund to support NSBA activities.

Be sure and show your support for NSBA by purchasing these shirts and wearing them, not only at Goat Shows, but in general as well.  Such shirts are great conversation starters.

White NSBA Tee Mockup
White NSBA Tee Shirt Mockup

Officers and Directors

Officers and Directors as of 10/18/2019, elected for the 2020-2021 term, but effective immediately as part of the revitalization efforts.

Position Person
President Bridget Tucker
Vice-President Nathan Miller
Secretary Grace Toy
Treasurer Stuart Perkins
Director District 1 Amelia Aznive
Director District 2 Evan Kivlen
Director District 3 Linda Pennebaker
Director District 4 Melissa Saylor
Director District 5 Jason Porter
Director District 6 Susan Crenshaw
Director District 7 Camille O'Connor
Director District 8 Carol Mann

Districts mirror ADGA Districts.

District Map

Nominations Are Open

We have opened the nominations for Officers and Directors for the upcoming elections over on the NSBA Members Facebook group.  Once a person receives a second vote on this poll, they are "seconded" and will appear on the official ballot.

MeWe Group

NSBA Banner

In case Facebook deletes the NSBA Members group (it is an "animal" group after all), I have created a MeWe group by the same name, NSBA Members, for the same purposes.

MeWe is a quite a bit different than Facebook, but does provide an alternative means to stay in touch which is not nearly as censored.  The banner image is the same as the Facebook group.


SSL Is Here!

As of sometime early this morning, (September 7, 2019) this site is now secured by SSL encryption.  To the casual user, what changes is you see a locked padlock image on your browser immediately before the URL (https://nationalsaanenbreeders.org), and the site is "https://.." instead of "http://..." but should not notice anything else. 

What this means is that your password is now entered over an encrypted connection, which makes it far less likely to be hacked/sniffed.

What this also means is that you can be confident that the site you are on IS indeed the "real" site. 

What this also means is that your information stored here such as name and address, e-mail address and phone number is not visible to anybody who doesn't need it.  Even legitimate logged in members only see your Name, State, Farm Name and a Contact link on the Members tab.  The "Contact" link will allow them to send you an e-mail at the address with which you signed up.  Phone numbers aren't even made available to other Members via this site.

What this also means is that development of payment capabilities is secure so that when you make a purchase of dues or fund raiser items here your credit/debit card information is secure.  This was a necessary background step in order to prepare the way for such development of this site.

New Web Site

This is the new National Saanen Breeders Association web site for a new chapter in the life of the National Saanen Breeders Association. 

The current election drive is moving along nicely.  We have a ballot with at least one candidate for every Officer and Director position.

Nominations have closed, and ballots mailed.  Many are already rolling in.  The deadline is to have your ballot postmarked by the 12th.  Tallying the votes will be done on or after the 18th to allow for postal delays.  A pre-addressed envelope has been included with the paper ballots.  Results will be posted here.

New members can still join by printing and filling out the form on the "Forms" tab and sending a check made out to "NSBA" with the form to the address below, or sending PayPal payment to "stuartperkins@usa.net".

Please make checks payable to  "NSBA".


You may join by sending $15 via PayPal to "nationalsaanenbreeders@gmail.com".

NOTE: PayPal deducts a fee for "purchases".  Please send PayPal payments "Send to someone you trust" to avoid that. 

If you join via PayPal, please include Name, Address, Farm Name, Phone Number in the "note". 

To join while paying by check, for the present time, download and print the Application for Membership under the "Forms" tab, fill it out and mail with a check for $15 for membership to:

c/o Stuart Perkins
PO Box 311
Asbury, MO 64832

Most of the members here are on either Saanen Lovers or NSBA Members groups on Facebook.

NSBA Districts mirror ADGA Districts, and are currently:

NSBA District Map